Stockholm 2016

Sergey Lazarev confirmed for Eurovision 2016!

You know there are eternal rumours. Rumours we see every year, including the one of Russia sending Sergey Lazarev. After the rumour surfaced again this year, there was sceptism among Eurovision fans, until tonight. The Russian broadcaster has now officially confirmed that Lazarev will represent them in Stockholm, as he also confirmed on Instagram himself.
If you speak Russian, there’s a video here where Lazarev says that he will indeed travel to Sweden in May to fly the Russian flag there. The announcement was officially made on Russian television tonight during the National Music Awards.
The 32 year old is one of Russia’s most successful pop stars and he sings in both English and Russian. His song for Stockholm will be chosen at a later date. For now, you can watch one of his recent successes, 7 Wonders, below!

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