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Denmark has chosen its finalists, but who do we want?

DR has revealed that they have chosen their ten acts for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2016. The Danish broadcaster didn’t reveal them though and is keeping the suspense alive until 28th January. That’s when they’ll inform us all which ten acts will compete for the Danish ticket to Stockholm.
That was a good reason for our team to think about who we want to see in DMGP. A list without the usual names Medina and Rasmus Seebach, but with ten names that are hopefully interested in actually doing DMGP. Seven of these acts I discovered through our partner website, escChat.com, so many thanks go out to them for the inspiration.
The Storm

The Storm are a band consisting of ex-husband and wife Johan Wohlert and Pernilla Rosendahl. They’ve released songs from rock to more pop tunes, like My Crown. Their marriage ended in 2013, but they then said they wouldn’t stop making music together. Their promise hasn’t particularly come true yet: Their last album was released in 2011 and their last single in 2013. Their Facebook has been quiet for eleven months now, so what better opportunity to return to the spotlights than by doing DMGP?

In my opinion, there’s been a serious lack of serious attempts in Danish in DMGP in recent years. This singer-songwriter is no stranger to the Danish national final as he has composed four entries in the past few years, including Anna Noa’s Sleepless in 2011 and Bryan Rice’s Breathing in 2010, both runners-up in their respective years.
As a singer himself, the 34 year old has released some great pop songs, including 2013 single Vi Er Helte. He’d be a good pick if DR want a credible artist singing in Danish.
Amanda Pedersen
As a former X-Factor entrant, Amanda Pedersen decided to join German composing duo Fahrenhaidt in 2015. They entered the German national final, but with a Danish singer, that was never going to be a massive success. Perhaps a solo attempt by Amanda would work in her home country, Denmark?
Stine Bramsen

When a former band member is trying to launch a solo career, doing Eurovision is often a good call. Isn’t it, Nicky Byrne?
Anyway, Stine Bramsen is the Alphabeat lead singer. That group obviously had quite a bit of success, but now Stine is trying to kick off as a solo artist. Her latest single Woman is similar to her Alphabeat style, but there are some good differences as well. Worth a listen.
Burhan G

This list has been full of uptempo pop and every national final needs a ballad. Now I know, Burhan G does do more than just ballads, but a highlight in his career for me was Ikke I Nat, Ikke Endnu.
This R&B singer from Kurdish origins does deliver good songs, but he seems to be extra good when it comes to doing ballads. If you want a ballad in DMGP, Burhan G sounds like a decent pick.
Emilie Esther

A recent X Factor winner is always a good shout for a national final. She’s just 16 years of age and that may be a tad young to take on the responsibility of doing Eurovision, but she’s now used to the pressure of music competitions. Denmark likes her, international music fans have picked up on her – time for Eurovision to meet her?
Hej Matematik

Søren Rasted and his nephew Nicolaj Rasted teamed up eleven years ago to form this band, Hej Matematik. Søren is a former Aqua member, and that’s a name we’ve often seen on Eurovision wishlists.
As a male duo, these two are quite good though. Releasing combinations of electronic music and Europop, Hej Matematik feel like a perfect fit for Eurovision.
Julie Berthelsen

A 2002 runner-up on a talent show – Doesn’t exactly sound like a recipe for success. Julie however launched quite a decent career. She’s not record breaking, but she has somewhat of a name. She’s Danish-Greenlandic and has also released songs in Greenlandic. If you want an odd shout, let her sing in Greenlandic, like she did with Timmisssatut Illunnga. She has also done a duet with Bryan Rice, Curtain Call. You could definitely have worse artists for DMGP.

Joining the pop girls we’ve seen so often in DMGP (Anne Gadegaard, Cecilie Alexandra or even Emilie Esther from our wishlist), there’s IDA. She’s a little more mature than the others and that bit of experience may just be enough to edge DMGP for her.
Thomas Holm

Closing our list is an odd name. A name we haven’t heard from in ages, but he remains a personal favourite of mine: Thomas Holm. This 37 year old singer-songwriter has been quiet on the music scene for a few years now, but he’s still quite active on social media.
A comeback has to be on the cards soon and DMGP is the opportunity to do it. His best song for me was released in 2009, called Nitten.
Who do you want?
We’ve listen our ten choices, but we’re obviously very curious what you’d like to see in DMGP! Which artist is on your dream list? Let us know!

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