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DR accidentally put DMGP entries online

Denmark and technology or planning don’t seem to be the happiest marriage in the world. DR had originally announced to reveal their participants for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2016 on 28th January, but that date has now gone out the window. The broadcaster has just published the entire list of entries on Spotify…
It’s the second year in a row where Denmark fails to keep the list hidden until their planned reveal. Last year, DR conveniently sent out the physical album copies a few days in advance, meaning the entire list was leaked before DR had intended to reveal them.
This year they’ve kept the physical albums safely locked, but now they didn’t pay attention to the Spotify department. The following ten acts will fight for the ticket to Stockholm on 13th February:

  • Anja Nissen – Never alone
  • Bracelet – Breakaway
  • David Jay – Rays of sunlight
  • Jessica – Break it good
  • Kristel Lisberg – Who needs a heart
  • Lighthouse X – Soldiers of love
  • Muri & Mario – To stjerner
  • Simone – Heart shaped hole
  • Sophia Nohr – Blue horizon
  • Veronicas Illusion – The wrong kind

The most interesting names on this list seem to be Simone, who entered the Danish national final before and Anja Nissen, who won The Voice Australia. Dansk Melodi Grand Prix will take place on 13th February in Horsens, where the Forum will host the Danish national final.

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