Szilvia Agárdi: “I experience love a little different.” [Interview]

In the run up to A Dal’s third semifinal, spoke to Szilvia Agárdi. It’s her second go in A Dal and this time, she’s singing It Is Love. She tells us about what being blind means for love and also about her previous A Dal experience. Check it out below! First of all, why is It Is Love the ideal Eurovision song for you?
Szilvia: In our lives, we all experience that moment when passion touches our heart. I also went through this experience. This love is not fulfilled yet and nobody knows how it’s going to be. I just wanted to write my feelings down in a song. When we found Viktor Rakonczai, the composer, and Tamara Olorga, the lyricist, I told them how I felt and they put it in the song.
X: Why did you decide to enter A Dal 2016?
S: Many things inspired to enter A Dal 2016. My song is very important to me. It’s about a period of my life. I experience love a little different. Different than a person who can see would. For example I am not able to see the other person’s face. I put my heart and soul into this song and hope I can bring this feeling across to the audience too.
X: A few choices for you to make. Feel free to tell us more about your choices! Duetting with Pál Dénes or going solo for A Dal?
S: In A Dal 2013, I sang a duet with Pál, but I was only 17 and everything was new and interesting for me.  Since then I have released some solo songs. That was reason for me to enter A Dal 2016. In A Dal 2013 I sang the song ‘Szíveddel Láss’ and we reached the final eight!
X: Favourite kind of holiday?
S: I like travelling, horse riding and swimming.
X: Favourite thing to drink?
S: I like drinking ginger ale and cocoa.
X: What was your favourite subject at school?
S: Without singing lessons I loved economy lessons and history.
X: If you won’t win A Dal, who do you hope will? Which song do you like?
S: I already have some favourite of course.  I will be happy for anybody who wins A Dal and I’ll cross my fingers for them!
X: Who is your biggest musical idol? And their best song?
S: My biggest idol is Céline Dion. I love many of her songs, like I’m Alive and The Power of Love.
We’d like to thank Szilvia for her time to answer her questions and we’d like to wish her the best of luck in tonight’s A Dal! Check out her song ‘It Is Love’ below. What do you think?

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