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Meet Sergey Lazarev and 'You Are The Only One'

33-year old Sergey Lazarev is finally going to represent Russia at Eurovision 2016 in Sweden. Lazarev is a very famous and popular singer in all Former Soviet countries and many fans have been impatiently waiting for him to represent Russia – this dream has come true in 2016.
It’s a well-known fact that Sergey was offered to go to Eurovision more than once by many Russian producers and songwriters, but he has always rejected these offers for different reasons. The main one, for sure, was that he didn’t quite like the songs he was given.
In 2016, though, his close friend, famous Russian producer and songwriter Philipp Kirkorov (who is considered to be the best Eurovision coach of Russia btw), offered Sergey a song, to which he couldn’t help but say “yes”.
All his fans and many music experts were crying with happiness, as they think that Lazarev is the best choice that Russia could ever have made. It’s not a secret that Sergey has not participated in any selection process, as he was directly nominated by the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK). No protests arose against his candidature, as people really love him.
What about his professional music career?
First of all, it’s important to know that Sergey Lazarev is a very experienced singer, who has been on stage since he was 8 years old. He started as part of some children’s music bands, then won many singing competitions for children. Lazarev got real popularity as a part of a boyband called Smash. In 2002 Smash won a famous contest of young singers, New Wave.
At the same time, Sergey was developing his career in the theatre, and graduated from one of the most prestigious drama schools of Russia. Nowadays he is not only a singer, but also a professional and successful theatre actor.
In 2004, Lazarev left Smash, who were extremely popular at that time in Russia, as he decided to sing solo. In 2005 Sergey issued his first album called Don’t be Fake, produced by Brian Rawling, a Grammy Award-winning British record producer and songwriter.
2006 is the year Lazarev got the title “The best singer of the year” from MTV Russian Music Awards. Since that time, Sergey has always been working with the best Russian, European and American producers and winning countless titles and awards.
Currently Lazarev has 5 solo albums in total. He is also participating in many different TV projects and shows, as well as hosting many of them. He loves comedies, has a good sense of humour and the ability to laugh at himself.
2015 was probably the most important year in terms of his career, as he got 4 awards and was nominated to represent Russia at Eurovision 2016. Last year also brought a huge tragedy to the family of the singer: he lost his brother, who died after a car accident. Sergey is saying in all his interviews that his mother is the main person in his life and he is doing all his best to support her in this horrible moment.
In my opinion, Sergey is a well-deserving candidate to represent Russia. He has the image of a very friendly, ambitious and open-minded person. Forget about the traditional image of Russian singers that you have in mind, because Sergey is different. As a matter of fact, it’s also great that Sergey is in the hands of Philipp Kirkorov, who has a wide experience in ESC and can help him with all possible preparations.
Besides, Sergey Lazarev feels very confident on stage and is very strong vocally, not to mention that he is super-cute and the public loves him. I think he has every chance to win Eurovision. Sergey was supposed to reveal his secret song tonight, but the entry has already surfaced on VK and YouTube now! Looking forward to hear the official news about it. And way to go, Sergey!

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