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Xtra Review: Argo – Utopian Land (Greece)

Greece unleashed its Eurovision entry for 2016 onto the world this morning, ‘Utopian Land’ by a collection of musicians known as Argo.
You can read more about the song and the group here, and listen to song below. We’ve all had a listen and are now ready to unleash our opinions onto the world. Quite a mixed response to this one – do you agree with any of the team?

Brent: It’s a little bit too eclectic. The mix doesn’t lend itself to the song and kind of just makes it a bit confused. I know its their thing but the song doesn’t have enough build and climax. With lyrics like “Dance and have some fun” it makes me wonder how people are expected to dance to this one…
Nathan: You know what? I like this so much more than I thought I would do. I really look forward to seeing the baffled faces and reactions of fans across the continent when this not only qualifies but scores well in the final.
Dan: It’s one of those “I really shouldn’t like this” type of songs for me. It started off really promising, I was almost ready to put Greece into my top 10 but unfortunately the vocals/rap started which then made the ethnic elements slightly pointless. It isn’t terrible though and knowing Greece, it probably will sneak into the top 10.
Wivian: I like almost everything about this song! The beats, the instruments, there’s no doubt it’s the Greek entry, most of it is in Greek, the rap works wonderfully, great voices…and if they have the guy running around on stage like in the video… I really, really wish I didn’t understand the English part, though… Definite left side for me.
Peter: I don’t hate this like I thought I would. Still not my cup of tea, but it’s got a good vibe to it and the chorus hook works pretty well. It does outstay its welcome and it feels like a long three minutes, but it’s variety of a good kind.
Katarina: This is not what I expected from Greece, but I love it! The Greek elements are the best thing about this song, and I also have the chorus stuck in my head. My only complaint is that it might get a bit monotonous after the first two minutes, but I will place it in my top 10 for now.

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