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Eurovision: The Party to be held at Tele2 in Stockholm

Imagine the situation, you’re in Stockholm for the Greatest Television Show on Earth but… you’ve not got tickets for the Grand Final. Worry no more, Eurovision: The Party is here!
Tele 2 Arena, left, Globen, right.
Here we are then, with Globen on the right and Tele2 on the left. They’re dead close to each other, aren’t they? Good job really…
Hosted by Sanna Nielsen at Tele2 Arena, fans can watch the Grand Final on a gigantic 300 square metre TV which will also feature unique backstage material from the Globe Arena. Swedish singers Carola, Loreen, Danny Saucedo and Panetoz will all be on stage in what promises to be an exciting night.
Johan Bernhagen, Executive Producer of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest says that he hopes Eurovision: The Party “can become a tradition” alongside events such as EuroClub festivities and Eurovision Village.
According to the official announcement on
The show will include a pre-party before the broadcast as well as a special after-party. During the live broadcast host Sanna Nielsen will take the party audience backstage in the Globe Arena for exclusive interviews and she has also promised to appear with the broadcast hosts, Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede.
“It will be a totally new Eurovision experience with all the extras. Together we will be able to follow the artists, the party and to dance the whole night long. During the broadcast the audience in Tele2 can follow me backstage for a lot of fun interviews and a unique insight in what’s happening behind the scenes”, Sanna Nielsen says.
The Swedish jury’s votes will be given live from Eurovision the Party during the broadcast of the Grand Final.
Now, to the really important stuff – when can we get tickets to get in?! Tickets will be released on Friday 18th March at 10:00 CET and will be available on and will cost between 300 and 995 SEK. A ticket to the after-party costs 200 SEK.
For more information, click here to head to the official website for Eurovision: The Party!

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