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Introducing: Eurovision Wipe 2016, coming together… April!

As we approach the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in May, escXtra are opening the doors to offer you even more from inside the Eurovision world. You’ve heard a lot from us and about what we think, so it’s time to turn to some guest contributors. Our first contribution, you may already be aware of…
guest contributor-bencg

Eurovision Wipe was started by Ben CG in 2013. Inspired by Charlie Brooker’s “Weekly Wipe”, Ben’s show is an annual satirical comedy review of the year’s entries to the Eurovision Song Contest.
As well as creating Eurovision Wipe, on Ben’s YouTube channel (BenCG), he also will be creating some travel videos from Belgium and Slovenia alongside his current collection of videos which includes profiling a trip to Japan.
To see what might be in-store for this year’s Eurovision contenders, take a look here at the previous editions of Eurovision Wipe! For now, subscribe to BenCG and like his Facebook page to keep up to date with the developments… and stay tuned for the official launch of Eurovision Wipe 2016 in time for the start of rehearsals in Stockholm.

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