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Eurostars Review 2016: Nicola

It’s become a tradition over here at Every year, we ask a few former Eurovision participants to give us their thoughts about the current Eurovision year. We’ve once again found eight Eurostars who were willing to listen to a few of the entries up for offer in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.
Our first Eurostar participated back in 2003. Her Don’t Break My Heart finished in tenth in Riga, giving Romania another solid score in the contest they’re yet to win: Nicola! Check out what she had to say below:

BulgariaPoli Genova – If Love Was A Crime

I think the composer was inspired by Galantis because the song sounds like “Run away”, here and there and honestly, I don’t like when someone is trying to copy other people’s ideas and not being original.  Otherwise, she looks beautiful, it’s an EDM regular song , the video is ok and can’t wait to see their show.

GreeceArgo – Utopian Land

Honestly, I don’t like the song, except for the middle part (2:00 until 2:20). Watching the video, it’s like I was playing a video game and feeling so tired already at the end after so much running. Lol! And the vocals didn’t impress me at all. OMG, was I so bad?

SpainBarei – Say Yay!

She has a great voice and attitude. I can feel so much positive energy when I’m listening this song but I have seen no show…yet. I like the EDM style, I think the radio stations will play it or otherwise, it might need a great remix.  I always try to sing the chorus and can’t keep it in my mind. The video is OK.  Anyway, not in my top five.

HungaryFreddie – Pioneer

I love the message of this song so very much and the vocal line is good. The track sounds good. His live performance wasn’t that great and I hope that he will have a great show in Stockholm to support this song. Could be in my top five, but only for the lyrics.

SloveniaManuElla – Blue & Red

This song has great lyrics and a beautiful energy. Still, I don’t like the track but the vocal line and the lyrics are great. She has an amazing voice and I also like her attitude but, there is no show…yet and it will need a special one if they want to catch a place in top ten in Stockholm.
Mixed feelings for Nicola as she listened to these five. We’d like to thank Nicola for her time to review these five entries! We’d also like to highlight that these are the opinions of the individual reviewers, not necessarily of the team.

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