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The official Eurovision board game will be released on Monday!

Many of us are familiar with the official online Eurovision merchandising store, where we can buy CDs, flags, clothing and much more. However, a very special something has recently appeared in the store due for release on April 23rd… the official Eurovision board game!

“Test your knowledge”

With the game not released yet, not much is known. The store says the game contains 521 cards, 6 pawns and 25 country tokens. We wonder which countries have made the cut?
Furthermore, the game is designed to let you “create your own song contest”. The full description is as follows:

Join the Eurovision Song Contest with your own entry and try to score as many points as possible. Test your knowledge, prepare your own performance and participate in the most popular song contest! Do you get those 12 points?

Pre-order now!

The official Eurovision board game can be pre-ordered now via the official Eurovision shop for €24.95 ahead of its release on April 23rd. Super exciting right?

Will you be buying the game? Let us know @ESCXTRA!

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