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Painting the town Pink?

There appears to be a stirring in the Portuguese fan base for this upcoming Eurovision season!
Don’t be surprised in the next week if there is a shortage of pink wigs in Lisbon! A fan lead push for the audience to all wear a pink wig in solidarity with the Portuguese entrant Claudia Pascoal – who famously has flowing pink locks! 
Will we see a sea of pink at the grand final?
“Wearing the wig is a symbol, a symbol of unity, liberty and equality. Of course also to support Portugal. With the recent news from Conchita, unity and acceptance are something needed across the world, we are all the same under the wig (and out of it).” Says Paulo Teixeira, a member of OGAE Portugal who’s photo of his purchase has exploded across social media.

The Lady in Question.
Now I’m wondering if I should stock up on pink wigs before I leave for sunny Lisbon and run a black market of pink wigs! (Can you think of a much more Eurovision type of sentence?!)
Will we see you in a pink wig when it is Claudia’s time to sing ‘O Jardim’? And what do you think of he sentiment behind (or underneath) the wig? 
Safe to say you’ll probably see a familiar reporter in one when the time comes! 
Haven’t heard O Jardim yet? Check it out below!


  1. i already have mine, and i\’m planning a Flash Mob on the 12/may from 14:30 to 15:30 , under the Man Sun sculpture (just in front of Vasco da Gama Shopping) to support Claudia Pascoal
    More info here:
    Be there 😀

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