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EBU reveal list of prohibited items for Eurovision 2018

The EBU have published a list of prohibited items at the Eurovision Song Contest. The audience will not be allowed to bring any of the items on the list, which famously includes… golf balls and ladders. Fans have been quick to react.

From the logical to the bizarre

Some of the items on the list are quite logical. It is forbidden to bring toxic substances, knives or explosives into the arena. These items may seem to be superfluous, but then you haven’t quite seen what the EBU have got planned for you…

Also on the list are golf balls, ladders and shopping trolleys. Sadly, if you were planning to have a golf tournament on a ladder after visiting a supermarket, you may need to change your plans for Lisbon… People also seem to wonder what to replace their golf balls with.

Sadly for the shorter fans in our community, the lack of ladders might cause you some trouble. Thank God for seats! And Dihaj should be happy she isn’t in the contest this year, as she would’ve been forced to leave her man/horse on a ladder at home…

You should make sure to book a little restaurant before you head up to the Altice Arena as well. In the arena, it is forbidden to have food, cups, mugs, cans or alcohol. Make sure you’re filled up before the show or load yourself up afterwards.

We also advise you charge your phone to 100% before you go and watch the show. You are not allowed to bring a charger with you and powerbanks are also on the list of forbidden items.

You should also be thankful that Altice Arena has a good roof and Portugal should be a sunny country in May, as you are not allowed to bring your umbrella either. If you plan to leave Portugal right after the contest, you should store your luggage somewhere else. You cannot bring your backpacks or luggage into the arena either.

Stricter regulations

The regulations seem to be a lot more detailed than in previous years. It might be necessary to have strict safety rules in our current age, but one could assume Eurovision fans do have a bit of common sense. Putting chairs, ladders, adhesive tape and especially golf balls on the list may just be exaggerating a little bit.

Below you can see the full list of prohibited items, as provided by the Portuguese host broadcaster RTP.

What do you think about the list of prohibited items? Let us know what you think!

These items are prohibited to bring to the venue as ticket holder of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.


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