An Xtra Happy Birthday; April 25th

On 23rd of April there were eight Eurovision stars that celebrated their birthday. Today however are three Eurovision singers that have a birthday. These three artist have been rather really successful at Eurovision. That is one of them winning the show, on placed 3rd and one made it three times to the contest. Björn Ulveaus, Constantinos and Aysel where born on this day.

Björn Ulveaus, 73

Sweden selceted the singing group ABBA to represent them at Eurovision in 1974. Therefore they sang upon stage in Brighton, United Kingdom. Their song became quite popular and won the contest! Björn was part of this group, that became world famous. Ulveaus along with Benny Andersson, also a former memeber of ABBA, wrote the 2013 Eurovision anthem along with the music composer Avicii.

Constantinos Christoforou, 41

Cyprus has selected Contantinos in total of three times to be their repereventative at Eurovision. First time in 1996 when he sang “Mono Yia Mas” in Oslo. That time he placed in 9th place.

His second time came in 2002, then with the group One, where they performed the song “Gimme” and got 85 points. Therefore placed 6th at the final. His third entry came in 2005, then the sang “Ela Ela (Come Baby)” in Kiev, Ukraine. This time his entry did not capture the audience as much as the others,  and placed 18th at the contest.

Aysel Teymurzadeh, 29

Aysel represented Azerbaijan at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. Along with Arash, performing the song “Always” in the second semi-final. They finished second in the semi, behind Alexander Rybak, thus sailing through to the grand final. There, they finished in third place, behind Alexander and Iceland’s Yohanna.

We would like to wish the three of them the very best on their day!

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