An Xtra Happy Birthday; April 27th

Yesterday on 26th of April two Eurovision ladies had a birthday. Today, however, there are four Eurovision artist that have a birthday. Two of them were also born in the same year. One of them has participated two times at Eurovision. Robin Bengtsson, Sandy Mölling, Elena Risteska and Fabrizio Faniello where born on this day.

Fabrizio Faniello, 37

Since Fabrizio took part in Eurovision before Sandy, makes him older in the Eurovisionworld. But he first took part in 2001 with the song “Another summer night”. That summer song did good in Copenhagen, that is placed 9th at the contest.

Malta selected him one more time in 2006. Therefore he performed the song “I do” in Athens. This time however , that entry was less successful and placed last at the final. His sister Claudia, has also reprecented Malta

Sandy Mölling, 37

In 2008 Germany selected the popular girl group “No Angels” to go on their behalf to Eurovision. Sandy was a part of that group. Therefore she performed the song “Disappear” with the the band in Belgrade. The song finished 23rd out of 25 acts.One of her band mate, Nadja, had a birthday yesterday.

Elena Risteska, 32

Just as Fanbrizio, Elena also took part at Eurovision in 2006 in Athens. There she perfomed the catchy song “Ninanjna”. She quite better then him though, because she placed 12th at the Final. Which is F.Y.R Macedonian’s best results at Eurovision.

Robin Bengtsson, 28

Sweden chose Robin to go  to Kyiv at Eurovision in 2016. Therefore he performed the song “I Can’t Go On” with four dancers, dancing on treadmills. He made it save to the final where he placed in 5th.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish them a wonderful happy birthday!

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