ESCXTRA: Live from Lisbon

Re-Watch all the press conferences of the semi-final artists

Over the past four days, the artists took the stage for their rehearsals and afterwards went to face the questions of the press in during the Meet & Greets. Some artists were shining while presenting themselves more than others. Who won your heart by answering the questions of the journalists? You can re-watch all the videos below:

Meet Aisel from Azerbaijan

Meet ALEKSEEV from Belarus

Meet the Czech Republic

Meet Sennek from Belgium

Meet EQUINOX from Bulgaria

Meet Ari Ólafsson from Iceland

Meet Netta from Israel

Meet Ieva Zasimauskaité from Lithuania

Meet Cesár Sampson from Austria

Meet Sevak Khanagyan from Armenia

Meet Franka from Croatia

Meet Eleni Foureira from Cyprus

Meet Saara Aalto from Finland

Meet Eye Cue from Macedonia

Meet Ryan O’Shaughnessy from Ireland

Meet Yianna Terzi from Greece

Meet ZiBBZ from Switzerland

Meet Elina Nechayeva from Estonia

Meet Eugent Bushpepa from Albania

Meet Jessika and Jenifer Brening from San Marino

Meet Alexander Rybak from Norway

Meet The Humans from Romania

Meet Sanja Ilic & Balkanika from Serbia

Meet Rasmussen from Denmark

Meet Julia Samoylova from Russia

Meet Waylon from The Netherlands

Meet DoReDos from Moldova

Meet Jessica Mauboy from Australia

Meet Iriao from Georgia

Meet Gromee and Lukas Meijer from Poland

Meet Christabelle from Malta

Meet AWS from Hungary

Meet Laura Rizzotto from Latvia

Meet Benjamin Ingrosso from Sweden

Meet Vanja Radovanovic from Montenegro

Meet Lea Sirk from Slovenia

More press conferences will be uploaded from RTP during the day. Stay tuned. We’ll add the remaining press conferences after RTP uploaded the official videos. Moreover, you will also get information of their second press conferences today. We’ll keep you up to date with everything from Lisbon.
Who do you think won the most at the press conference? Let us know in the comments below or on social media @ESCXTRA.

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