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Cry no more! OG3NE announced as the Dutch spokespersons

The jury will sit down on moderately comfy chairs and sip margaritas soon, as they try to rank all of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest grand finalists performing on May 12. But while they are busy ranking, SOMEONE needs to announce those points later and the Netherlands just announced a familiar name to us all…

And the big name delivering the points for the Netherlands this year?  DRUMROLL PLEASE! Well, that’s kinda pointless as you already read the title, so you must know by now: OG3NE. Yes, the trio is back to make sure the Dutch jury points get delivered with style AND impressive harmonies. Of course it has now become a tradition for the previous year’s entrant to deliver the Dutch points the following year, so we can most likely look forward to Waylon doing the same in 2019!

OG what now?

If you missed last year’s contest, then they were trio of sisters representing the Netherlands. Their song was a heartfelt tribute to their mother. The story (and their impressive vocals) managed to bring the roof down and touch hearts all around Europe. They just barely missed out on a top 10 results, ending up at 11th instead. For a quick reminder, here is their grand final performance from last year :

What do you think of this news? Did you love OG3NE’s entry last year? Are you looking forward to hearing them deliver points like a singing telegram?

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