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Mr. Lordi speaks about Saara Aalto’s Eurovision entry

Every once in a while, a former Eurovision entrant speaks out about the song that’s representing their country in the current edition of the contest. This year is no different. Mr. Lordi has told the Finnish press what he thinks of Saara Aalto’s song…

Just another schlager

In the interview, Tomi Putaansuu spoke about Eurovision among other things. The journalist also asked him about Saara Aalto’s song. About “Monsters”, he says:

Saara’s song has a good chorus. But with all respect, for me the song is just another Eurovision “schlager” song. Personally, it is so far from the sacred values of Kiss that it really doesn’t do anything to me.

He continues to add that he feels a lot of songs are like that at the Eurovision Song Contest. Mr. Lordi thinks it’s a good idea for countries to send artists who are already known abroad when they enter the Eurovision stage. In that respect, he’s quite happy with Saara, who took part in X Factor in the United Kingdom.

Lordi: More than Eurovision

Putaansuu said he had to get used to the idea of being a part of Eurovision history. He and the band now feel very proud to have won the Eurovision Song Contest. The band are especially proud of their victory, looking at how important it was for Finland to take the Eurovision crown one day. They brought Finland their only victory to date back in 2006 with “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. Up until that point, Finland had never managed to score a top five result in the Eurovision Song Contest in its entire history.

Lordi do however feel sad that Eurovision is all they are remembered for in Finland. They’ve continued their career afterwards, but feel Eurovision is the only thing they’re known for in Finland.

What do you think about Mr. Lordi’s comments? Are they justified? Let us know what you think below!

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