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San Marino’s Head of Delegation calls RAI 4 comments “intolerable”

San Marino’s Head of Delegation at the Eurovision Song Contest has released a press statement regarding comments made by the Italian commentators last night. Alessandro Capicchioni is far from happy with claims that San Marino may have caused Francesco Gabbani’s loss at Eurovision 2017.

Scandalous and intolerable

During the broadcast of the second semifinal last night on RAI 4, the commentators were introducing the Sammarinese entry. Carolina Di Domenico and Saverio Raimondo then made comments about San Marino’s share in the loss of Francesco Gabbani at Eurovision 2017. They claimed the fact that San Marino didn’t give their top marks to Italy caused them to lose the contest in Kyiv.

Alessandro Capicchioni was rather angry at the comments. In his statement, he says:

Disappointingly, the behavior of the two commentators during the live broadcast on RAI 4 is not only scandalous, but intolerable. It would be interesting to know if the same thing – even the word “infamous” has been used towards an independent and friendly country – would have been used from another country to one of their neighbours, indeed, their closest neighbour.

One of the key comments Mr. Capicchioni makes is the fact that, as he calls it, this is fake news from the Italian commentators. Even with San Marino’s twelve points, Italy would have finished in sixth. He says:

This is a completely fake news story and professionals, or presumed professionals, should carefully avoid such dishonesty, especially considering that they are speaking on behalf of one of Europe’s oldest and most respected Public Broadcasters. They even used the word “infamous” to describe a definitely friendly country.

Meeting required

The Sammarinese Head of Delegation has asked to meet with his own Director General. SMRTV’s Director General is currently in Lisbon. He will meet with him soon to discuss how to handle the situation that has now started.

Neither RAI 4, nor the commentators themselves have yet commented on the matter. We’ll be keeping you updated if more gets published!

What do you think about Alessandro Capicchioni’s statement? Is he right to be angry? Let us know!

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