Waylon: “I might go for a third Eurovision!”

Upon his arrival in The Netherlands this afternoon, Waylon spoke to the media about his past adventure in Lisbon. He spoke about the future of the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as his own involvement.

Up for a third go

When he landed at Schiphol Airport in his home country, media got to ask him questions about Eurovision. The singer mentioned he was not at all disappointed with his result in Lisbon and that he was proud of his performance. He was aiming for more, but this simply was the outcome last night. “Outlaw In ‘Em” finished in eighteenth place in last night’s Grand Final.

One of the comments Waylon made was about a possible third participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. He then said he had already told AVROTROS about his desire to make it a tradition. With the necessary laughs, the Dutch singer said he’d like to do Eurovision once every four years. Will 2022 be his next turn?

“Curiosities still lead the pack”

Waylon also spoke about the quality of the songs at the Eurovision Song Contest. He says curiosities do still lead the pack. He said:

Last year, a beautiful little song won. This year a woman imitating a chicken. It’s sad that curiosities still lead the pack. In the past, you had loads of wonderful songs. Now, they’re rare.

Despite that, Waylon still feels connected to the Eurovision Song Contest as a podium. He added that he would always defend the podium as an opportunity to showcase your music. The 38 year old also had a message for his successor in The Netherlands. He hopes the Dutch don’t start writing songs “to win Eurovision”. His hope is that his country keeps innovating and finding new ways to showcase their culture with good artists and good music.

What do you think about Waylon’s comments? Would you like to see him at the Eurovision Song Contest again?

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