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BNT isn’t planning a return to Junior Eurovision

BNT has confirmed that the country will not be competing in the upcoming Junior Eurovision, but that’s not the only thing; the broadcaster is reportedly not planning a return to the competition.

“We are not planning a return to Junior Eurovision”

In a reply to a question whether Bulgaria would be competing in this year’s Junior Eurovision, the Bulgaria broadcaster announced that the country would not be attending this year’s contest. In addition to that, the broadcaster is allegedly not planning a return in the competition.

Bulgaria debuted in the Junior Eurovision in 2007 and their last participation in the contest was in 2016 with “Valsheben Den (Magical Day)” which placed 9th. The country hosted the competition in 2015, after their second place in 2014 with “Planet of the Children”, which is their best result to date.
The country withdrew from the 2017 contest due to internal changes in the broadcaster following an election for the Director General of the broadcaster. The election was held in late August which did not allow the broadcaster to sort out their participation in time for the competition.

Junior Eurovision 2018

This year, the Junior Eurovision will be hosted in Minsk, Belarus and will take place on 25 November. Ten countries have confirmed their participation up to date, with France returning to the competition after their debut and only appearance in 2004 while Wales is making their debut this year.
So far, these are the countries that have confirmed their participation:

  • Armenia
  • Belarus
  • France
  • Georgia
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Wales


    1. Last October, BNT tweeted that they\’re determined to come back to Junior Eurovision in the future. Their recent tweet says that \”at this stage\” they\’re not planning a JESC return. \”At this stage\” means that they might change their minds later.

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