An Xtra Happy Birthday; 14 June!

Greetings to Montenegro and Belgium!

Yesterday 13th of June, a big group Eurovision Stars celebrated their birthday! Today however there are two Eurovision singers that have a birthday. Today’s artist have brought something different and silly to the stage. That is, one includes a made up language and the other has a Trojan Donkey! Rambo Amadeus and Yves Barbieux were born on this day!

Rambo Amadeus, 55

Today’s birthday boy is truly one of a kind! When he participated in Eurovision Song Contest he was the first artist to “sing”, on a Eurovision stage, that hHe is the first person on a Eurovision stage that sang that didn’t really want to do well in the contest, he considers nudism to be good for rheumatism and that his only rule is to always stay cool like a swimming pool… And he brought with him on stage Eurovision’s first ever TROJAN DONKEY!!! Yes, we are of course talking of none other than the legendary Rambo Amadeus, who represented Montenegro in the 2012 Eurovision in Baku. He finished 15th in the first semi final with his entry “Euro Neuro”.

Yves Barbieux, 49

Belgium selected the group Urban Trad to be their representative at Eurovision Song Contest in 2003. Yves, who played the accordion,  performed the song “Sanomi” in a imaginary language.along with his group. Therefore they sang it in Riga, Latvia. Despite it being a made out of a made up language, people seemed to connect to it. That is the song got 165 points, which scored them the second place at the contest!

All of us here at escXtra would like to wish the two of them a wonderful Xtra Happy Birthday!

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