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Melodifestivalen 2019 entry submission window is open

Happy new year! No, you didn’t sleep in for four months. I’m talking about about the Eurovision new year, as any song created and released from here on out is good to go for Eurovision. Yes, even anything by Logan Paul (a scary thought, we know). With everyone gearing up for a fresh new season of Eurovision hullabaloo, submission windows for national finals are opening left and right. One of the earlier ones happens to be for Melodifestivalen 2019!

Earlier we wrote about the submission window for Melodifestivalen opening at the end of August/early September. Seeing as that time has now arrived…well that’s basically it. It’s open now.

To keep the rest of this article from being the literary version of awkward silence, we’ll go over the Melodifestivalen process once more. 28 songs will compete for the chance to go to Eurovision. 14 of those will be selected by an expert panel of jurors and 14 will be selected by Melodifestivalen’s staff. We will see four semi-finals with two acts moving on from each one to the grand final, where they will be joined by four more acts from the Second Chance round. There will be fireworks, there will be glitter and in the end a man named Klitos Klitou steals the entire show.

There are a whole bunch of rules for submitting entries that you can read both in Swedish and in English. So if you are a songwriter in Sweden, know a thing or two about Abba and your last name is Deb, here’s your chance to send your entry in by following this link. Submission window closes on September 17.

Dance-off in Lisbon

Earlier this year Benjamin Ingrosso grabbed the best leather jacket he could find in David Hasselhoff’s closet and brought some flashing lights on stage with him to dance all of his competitors off the Melodifestivalen stage.

He then tried the same trick in Lisbon, but while the judges were bedazzled, the televoters must have been too blinded by the LED’s to pick up the phone and vote as he only received 21 points. Still, he managed to reach sventh place overall. If you’ve recovered and need a reminder, here’s the full performance on the good ol’ Tube:

What do you think about this news? Are you excited to see what Melodifestivalen has in store for us next year?  Does G:son submit all 200 entries one at a time or just as a giant playlist all at once?

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