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ERR confirms plans for Eesti Laul 2019!

The broadcaster for Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest ERR has today laid out their plans for Eesti Laul for the forthcoming 2019 Eurovision National Final season.

ERR has laid out a detailed calendar for Eesti Laul 2019. This includes entry requirements for song submission and participation for the National Final. In a change from recent years, the two Semi-Finals will consist of 12 songs each with 12 songs advancing to the Final.

The cost of participation for Eesti Laul will be €25 for songs that are submitted by Estonians. For songs coming from outside Estonia €50 will be charged. With the proceeds from this going towards the fund that will control the song presentation in Israel. This method is also uses as a guarantee from the artist that they are serious about representing Estonia. This is also to ensure a lack of “joke acts” alludes Tomi Rahula. ERR will however not contribute to the final stage show. 

Also to note is that the Semi-Finals will no longer be broadcast from the nations capital, Tallinn. This is due to the fact that they want to bring Eesti Laul to the people Rahula states. However the exact locations of these Semi-Finals are subject to negotiations. 

Dates for your Diary.

  • Song reveals – 4th December 2018.
  • Semi Final 1 – 26th January 2019
  • Semi Final 2 – 2nd February 2019
  • Grand Final to win the ticket for Estonia – 16th February 2019.

Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The country debuted in the contest in 1994 with the song “Nagu Merelaine” sang by Silvi Vrait. The song came 24th with 2 points. The got their only win in 2001 with “Everybody” sang by Tanel Padar and Dave Benton ft 2XL with 198 points. In Tallinn Estonia was represented by Sahlene with the song “Runaway”. It came joint Third with the United Kingdom’s Jessica Garlick and “Come Back”.

In 2018, Estonia was represented by Elina Nechayeva with the song “La Forza”. The staging featured a now iconic projection dress that featured breathtaking imagery. Estonia came in with Fifth Place in the Semi-Final with 201 points. Due to this she qualified for the Final, breaking their two year non qualification streak. In the subsequent Final Elina amassed 245 points, awarding her a Eighth Place finish.

Relive Elina’s “La Forza” with THAT dress below.

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  1. An Estonian speaking here. I have noticed this on other English sites publishing this in the same way, so I am a bit confused as to what the source is, but according to the original, it\’s not \”The cost of participation for Eesti Laul will be €25 for songs that are submitted by Estonians. For songs coming from outside Estonia €50 will be charged.\” It\’s the fact that Estonian-language songs cost 25 euros and foreign-language songs 50. So it\’s about the language of the song, not who submit them. Just thought to clarify.

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