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🇫🇮 Catharina Zühlke shares the story of “Eternity” and reveals stage plans ahead the UMK final

"This is my personal ice bucket challenge"

Catharina Zühlke is one of the six artists competing in Finland’s Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2020 on March 7th. Today she shared the video she used to pitch her song to UMK20.

Song dedicated to her mother

Catharina Zühlke says that the song is dedicated to her mother, who passed away seven years ago to ALS, the disease that erodes nerve systems inside the body. Catharina says that the song is her personal “ice bucket challenge”, referring to the internet trend to promote awareness of the disease.

While telling the story of her mother to the songwriter Henrik Tala, he stopped her and told that he has a perfect song for her.

When my mother was already very sick and we knew she was going to die, I remember asking her if she was afraid of death. She said she is not afraid, since she knows that her love and her memory will live on in us, her children.

Catharina says that her dress will have the biggest trail in the Eurovision history. A picture of a tree will be projected to the dress to symbolize the continuity of life. The dress is designed by Katri Niskanen, one of the most-recognized fashion designers in Finland.

On the description of the video she says, that a lot of things have changed regarding the live show, since the video was done. She says that the show will be breathtaking.

She also reminds that the message of the song is much more than just her story. It’s a reminder of the power of love and that even when we can’t be together physically, the love stays till eternity.

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