Eurovision 2020πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Germany

πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Germany: Who will fly the German flag in Rotterdam?

Who is in and who is out?

The time has almost come! Tomorrow afternoon we will know the German artist and song for Eurovision 2020. This will be Germany’s first internal selection since 2009.

A long process

NDR started their preparations early on. Back in April they already initiated the application process for the Eurovision-Jury and worked a lot behind closed doors. For a long time, we did not get any official information, until NDR finally broke the news in early February.

After a careful assessment, 607 artists and 568 songs were given to the juries to evaluate. 84 of these songs were created during the process through songwriting camps. Several voting rounds later, the songs were whittled down to only 34 and the artists to 50 in total. Those were then paired together so the best song-artist combinations would emerge. Finally, the best 10 acts presented 17 different songs in 20 different combinations. For example, an artist was able to sing several songs or two artists could sing the same song.

According to ESC-Kompakt, the German entry for Eurovision 2020 received the highest marks from both the expert panel as well as the Eurovision-Jury which marks a difference from last year, where the expert jury voted for S!sters while the fans wanted to send Aly Ryan to Eurovision.

Rumors over rumors

Over the last few weeks, rumors have popped up and died down, including huge stars like Nico Santos or Helene Fischer. However, it was already stated that the act will be someone familiar to the hardcore ESC fans, so rumored German artists like Alli Neumann or Marie Reim are out of the race. In the end, this leaves us with two possible names.

The first one is Daniel Schuhmacher. After having won German Idol in 2009 it got very quiet around the singer until 2018 when it was announced that he was in the running to represent Germany in Eurovision 2019. Unfortunately, Daniel was not able to make the Top 6 back then. This year, however, the singer seems to have given it another try. Back in December, he was followed by Eurovision known songwriters Laurell Barker and Thomas Steengard who are both responsible for writing “Sister”. Additionally, he posted a picture on Instagram yesterday, teasing a new song called “Ecstasy” Will this be the German entry for Rotterdam?

Second in this list is Benedikt Köstler. The 19-year-old singer placed second in the 7th season of “The Voice of Germany”, the same season in which Natia Todua won. In the same year, he also entered the selection process for the German national final but Natia Todua won over him again. She went on to place last in “Unser Lied Für Lissabon” but is now judging “Georgian Idol”. This year, however, Benedikt seems to have entered the process again and by the looks of it might have gone all the way. Just like Daniel Schuhmacher, he has been followed by Laurell Barker and Thomas Steengard and started addressing his fans on social media in English.

Nevertheless, the song is also quite important and apparently, at least one song by Laurell Barker and/or Thomas Steengard made the cut. If this song will be selected is quite unsure, but if it does, it can go either way. Barker has a 4th place finish under her belt with Luca Hänni’s “She Got Me” but also a NQ with “Stones”, a last place with “Bigger Than Us” and the famous “zero points” with “Sister”. Steengard has a better record to his name as he wrote the Eurovision 2013 winning song “Only Teardrops” as well as Germany’s 4th place finisher “You Let Me Walk Alone”.

Germany in Eurovision

During the 2010s, Germany experienced many highs and lows in Eurovision. After winning in 2010 and two more top 10 finishes in 2011 and 2012, Germany found itself struggling and even placing last twice, in 2015 and 2016. However, in 2018, Germany changed its selection process, leading to Michael Schulte’s shock fourth place in Lisbon.

However, the same process did not work in 2019. The duo S!sters represented Germany in Tel Aviv, achieving a disappointing 25th place with only 24 points.

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