Eurovision 2020🇪🇪 Estonia

🇪🇪 LIVE from Tallinn: Eesti Laul 2020 Final Rehearsals

We review the rehearsals of the finals of Eesti Laul 2020, live from Tallinn!

Egert Milder – Georgia (On My Mind)

Continuing with the full-band vibe is the wonderful Egert Milder, who delivers one of the most energetic and feel-good performances of the whole show. I’ve always found the song pleasant, but this entry came alive in an unexpected way on stage. It would have been very easy to have stuck some stock images of Georgia on the LED and called it a day.

Egert is an exuberant performer and does an excellent job of making ‘meaningful interactions’ with his bandmates on stage whilst still making contact with the camera. Him jumping up on the piano is a mark of showmanship and makes this an incredibly fun performance in a final full of many pensive and emotional songs. 

It’s not likely but I would love to see this song sneak into the Super Final tomorrow night. 

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Costa Christou

Ever since I saw Helena Paparizou's triumph at Eurovision in 2005 (at the tender age of 6), I have been crazy about Eurovision. From the regional native language bops and shrieky female-led balladry to the sophisticated avant garde pop songs and chart-friendly EDM, I love everything about this cultural phenomenon. I'm currently working as a Delivery Manager in a software development team.

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