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🇸🇮 RTVSLO: EBU’s Eurovision 2020 “plan B” is to film performances in national TV studios?

Earlier today, the EBU confirmed that preparations for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest would continue as planned despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Now, RTVSLO’s director Natalija Gorscak has revealed what the current plan B may be should the contest not be able to go ahead as planned with an arena audience in Rotterdam.

Plan B to involve national broadcasters?

According to RTVSLO, and translated by october’s on, Natalija Gorscak, director of the Slovene national broadcaster, made the following comments:

At the EBU, they are preparing as if Eurovision will be held as normal. I am personally in touch with management who has a plan B where we [the national broadcasters] will become more involved. In Slovenia, this is supposed to be in the TV studio.

If this scenario were to be fulfilled, each member would show their [own TV studio] recording of their performance. That’s what they’re thinking. They are still talking about everything, but in principle they are acting as if Eurovision will be held in Rotterdam [as originally planned].

Natalija Gorscak, RTVSLO

Not the first time satellite link-ups proposed

This suggested plan B would be reminiscent of the EBU’s plan B for the Russian entry for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Ahead of the contest in Kyiv, Russia’s Julia Samoylova had been blacklisted from entering Ukraine due to appearances in the disputed region of Crimea. The EBU offered Russia the opportunity to perform in the contest using a satellite link-up between a Russian studio and the main arena in Kyiv. Nevertheless, this was never to see the light of day as Russia chose to withdraw from the contest.

Nevertheless, RTVSLO’s statement suggests that it is more likely that such a plan B would involve pre-recorded performances rather than live link-ups which would stretch the EBU’s technological capacity to its limits. Furthermore, it suggests that the EBU will do everything in its power to make a contest continue as planned in May presumably as logistical issues would make a postponement almost impossible.

What do you think of the suggested plan B? Do you think its the best option that the EBU has? Let us know @ESCXTRA!


  1. This not fake news! I watched an interview on a local morning news here in Belgrade, and the \”HURRICANE\” girls said the same thing!
    It would be a shame if this happens. I think it\’s better to postpone it (if the situation doesn\’t get better by then) than to do this. 🙁

  2. What about The Netherlands, how would they be compensated for lost revenue in terms of tourism and the money they\’ve already spent on the contest? They deserve to put on a show and I know they\’re going to do a great job – I hope it\’s delayed until September if it needs to be postponed.

  3. It would be okay providing that they place staging limitations across all the performances. No expensive effects.

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