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#WatchWithWiv tonight! A first listen to 2020

It’s finally time for a new “episode” of #WatchWithWiv where our Wiv listens to all of the 2020 entries! So far she’s listened to approx 1012 of the songs (once) but most of them are “new and unknown”. Like last year, Thomas from escNorge will join in on the fun. #joinus at 19.00 cet to discuss your favorites and “not-so-favorites”!

In our first livestream of 2020, Wiv listens to all 41 songs that compete in this year’s contest. She listened to approximately 10-12 of the songs when they were selected. However, she then decided to wait until all the countries had picked their songs before listening to the rest.

We will #cometogether to watch and listen to all the 41 songs. If there’s time we might #sharesomemoments from past contests (perhaps a gem like this?), #feelboththerythmandourheartbeat and be elevated into a higher #confluenceofsound. Excuse the cheesiness; this is what happens when the only #magicalrendezvous we have happen online due to quarantines… #Allaboard!

Based on earlier editions of #WatchWithWiv, prepare yourself for (perhaps slightly too) honest and spontaneous reactions. There will guaranteed be shocked faces and (perhaps somewhat rude) bursts of laughter. Also; don’t be surprised if #thedarkside makes an appearance!

Make sure to share your opinions on the entries (and on Wiv’s opinions of the entries) on social media: @escxtra

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