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🇨🇿 Benny Cristo releases final ‘Kemama’ revamp

Third time the charm for Benny Cristo?

Benny Cristo and the Czech delegation have released the final version of ‘Kemema’ in response to fan feedback. After winning ESCZ2020 last month, it was announced that Benny Cristo will be revamping his Eurovision entry. Benny flew to Kenya to work on the final version of ‘Kemama’.

However, after a month of waiting, the revamped version received a deluge of negative feedback. In particular, the mixing between the new guitar ground bass instrumental that runs throughout the song and Benny Cristo’s vocals. This third, and final version of ‘Kemama’ has rebalanced the sound mix providing a happy medium between the original and revamped version!

You are able to watch the music video below:

Responding to fan response and feedback

In the comment section of the newly uploaded music video, Benny Cristo explains the process of mastering the revamped version of the track. Importantly, he confirms the delegation got approval from the EBU to submit a final version of ‘Kemama’.

After the negative feedback following initial revamp, Cristo uploaded a 6 minute video to Instagram. The stream of consciousness reflected and considered if the initial revamp was ‘a mistake’ or whether the backlash was a result of fans being so used to the original.

A huge kudos for taking the steps to try and respond to feedback while still authentically representing his musicality!

Czech Republic in the Eurovision Song Contest

The Czech Republic debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 with the song “Malá Duma” by Kálas, coming last in the semifinal with 1 point. They’ve competed a total of 8 times in the contest, first qualifying for the final in 2016 with “I Stand” by Gabriela Gunčíková, finishing 25th.

Their best placing came in 2018 with “Lie to Me” by Mikolas Josef, placing 6th overall. Their last entry was “Friend of a Friend” by Lake Malawi in 2019, finishing 11th in the final.

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