Iceland WINS XTRA VOTE 2020: Here are the final results!

Over the past few weeks, we have simulated the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with your votes. Tonight, we hosted the grand final of XTRA VOTE 2020 live on Twitter and we discovered the results of our grand final. Let’s take a detailed look at those final results!

506 valid votes

Overall, we received 524 sets of votes. Thank you all for voting in such high numbers, this is our most popular XTRA VOTE in recent memory! Unfortunately, 18 sets of votes did include a country more than once which is against our rules. As a result, these votes have been voided. Nevertheless, 506 valid votes remain!

Before we dig deep into the final results of both the grand final and the two semi-finals, you can check out our XTRA VOTE 2020 grand final live show by clicking below:

XTRA VOTE 2020: The final scoreboard

506 valid votes (524 total votes, 18 voided votes)

This means that you chose Daði og Gagnamagnið as the winner of XTRA VOTE 2020 and that Iceland is the country you wanted to take victory in Rotterdam next month! Congratulations!

XTRA VOTE 2020: The semi-final results!

In order to be fully transparent, here are the results in full glorious details from both semi-finals:

Semi-final one

234 valid votes (246 total votes, 14 voided votes)

Semi-final two

281 valid votes (296 total votes, 15 voided votes)

A massive thank you to everyone who participated in XTRA VOTE 2020! Stay tuned to and our social media channels @ESCXTRA for our Eurovision coverage all-year round!

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