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🇲🇰 Tamara Todevska releases her new single ‘Sloboda’

After being away from the North Macedonian music scene for quite some time, Tamara has released her brand new single ‘Sloboda’ which translates to ‘Freedom’, a very uptempo, pop and dance track.

Sloboda’ was composed by Robert Bilbilov, and was arranged by Darko Dimitrov (who was involved with Tamara’s 2019 Eurovision entry ‘Proud’), whilst the lyrics was written by Igor Dzambazov.

It’s also been confirmed that there is a Serbian and English version of ‘Sloboda’. The English version of the song is titled ‘Rise’. Tamara has already teased snippet of the English version of the song on her Instagram page. The music video for ‘Sloboda’ is due to be released within two weeks.

What has Tamara been up to since the Eurovision Song Contest?

Since her participation at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, Tamara has been honoured by the North Macedonian Prime Minister, and even performed at Skopje Pride. In addition to this, Tamara has been performing all over Europe from participating at Albania’s Kenga Magjike with her follow-up single ‘Monsters’ (which placed fifth overall); to performing for Eurovision fans at the ‘Eurofest’ event in London in January.

When the formation of the ‘Eurovision: Home Concerts’ series was announced after the cancellation of the 2020 contest, Tamara was one of the participants, where she performed ‘Proud’ and a cover of Mahmood’s ‘Soldi’, which you are able to watch below:

Tamara Todevska at the Eurovision Song Contest

Tamara has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest twice. Her first participation was back in 2008 with Vrčak and Adrian with the song ‘Let Me Love You‘. Despite giving a spectacular performance, they unfortunately failed to qualify to the Grand Final.

In 2019, Tamara managed to deliver North Macedonia’s best result to date in Tel Aviv by placing 7th overall in the Grand Final. This is after she won the Jury vote with 247 Points. She finished with 305 points overall.

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