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🇷🇺 Alex Sparrow acts in new Netflix comedy ‘Space Force’

The former Russian Eurovision contestant Alex Sparrow has a recurring role in the new workplace comedy ‘Space Force’, which launched for streaming on May 29.

Space is a timely topic, with regards to SpaceX, and it’s clear that Netflix thought so when they put out their new show about the establishment of the United States Space Force. Among the actors is a face familiar to viewers of Eurovision 2011, Alex Sparrow. His real name is Alexey Vorobyov, as he was known at Eurovision.

As seen on Sparrow’s Instagram pictured with lead actor Steve Carell, Space Force was at that time the 3rd-most watched show on Netflix. Sparrow plays the recurring character Captain Yuri “Bobby” Telatovich in the show, as a Russian liaison to the space program.

Alex Sparrow in Eurovision

Under his real name Alexey Vorobyov, Sparrow performed the dance-pop song ‘Get You’ representing Russia in Eurovision at Düsseldorf in 2011. He passed through the semi-final and subsequently performed in the Grand Final, finishing in 16th place. He started his career by winning the Russian X Factor in 2005. Since then he has embarked on an international singing and acting career, including Eurovision.

Are you excited to see a Eurovision performer in a big new Netflix series? For those watching it, is Alex a highlight of Space Force? Let us know @ESCXtra on social media!

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