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🇸🇪 Molly Sandén explains how Netflix movie is her own long-awaited Eurovision victory

Yesterday, Netflix finally released the long-awaited movie “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams. However, the secret star of the film is certainly former Melodifestivalen star Molly Sandén who is the singing voice for McAdams’ character Sigrit Ericksdottir.

Junior Eurovision at 14-years-old

Sandén joined the Eurovision family at just 14-years-old when she represented her native Sweden at the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest held in the Romanian capital city of Bucharest. Placing third with her entry “Det finaste någon kan få”, Sandén claimed her space in the Swedish music industry.

Nevertheless, Sandén has still not managed to take to the stage for Sweden at the adult Eurovision Song Contest. Despite participating in three editions of Melodifestivalen, and reaching the final of the competition on each occasion, 2012’s “Why Am I Crying?” remains her best finish with a fifth place result.

“I felt like a failure” after Youniverse

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, Sandén explains how her most recent Melodifestivalen entry, “Youniverse” in 2016, was the initial favourite to win the competition and earn the right to represent Sweden in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest on home turf in Stockholm. Nevertheless, it wasn’t to be as “Youniverse” placed sixth.

I felt like a failure the last time I tried to compete for Sweden because the plan was for me to win. It now feels so good to come back from this angle.

“This time I’m winning”

Nevertheless, Sandén has now found her own Eurovision victory in the form of being the singing voice for Rachel McAdams in “The Story of Fire Saga”. Credited under her pseudonym, My Marianne, Molly contributes to several tracks throughout the film including what is sure to become the film’s signature song, “Husavík”.

It feels like I’m coming back to Eurovision… but this time I’m winning.

Sigrit represents a young Molly

Molly explains that she was approached to take part in the movie whilst on holiday in Los Angeles. Upon learning about the character of Sigrit, she instantly connected with her as it reminded her of herself when she was younger and her dreams of competing in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Talking about the final product of the film, Sandén believes the movie strikes the perfect balance between “sarcasm and irony” and “showing off the good parts of the competition”. 

Husavik (My Hometown)Husavik (My Hometown)

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