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🇩🇪 Carlotta Truman stars in RTL series “Nachtschwestern”

Her second appearance in a German hospital-themed series!

Another TV appearance for Carlotta

After previously appearing in “In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärzte”, Carlotta is back in the acting business. In episode 9 of the second season of “Nachtschwestern”, she plays the role of Charlotte Jacoby, the grandchild of a former doctor in the series.

During the episode, she brings her grandfather into the emergency room as he accidentally had eaten all of the marijuana-infused cookies that she made. Sounds like a combination for chaos! If you live in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, you can watch the episode here!

Germany in Eurovision

During the 2010s, Germany experienced many highs and lows in Eurovision. After winning in 2010 and two more top 10 finishes in 2011 and 2012, Germany found itself struggling and even placing last twice, in 2015 and 2016. However, in 2018, Germany changed its selection process, leading to Michael Schulte’s shock fourth place in Lisbon. However, the same process did not work in 2019. The duo S!sters represented Germany in Tel Aviv, achieving a disappointing 25th place with only 24 points.

In 2020, Germany was supposed to be represented by Ben Dolic with his song “Violent Thing”. It was a fan favourite and many fans want Ben back next year, but NDR has not yet confirmed anything.

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