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🇮🇪 Jedward plan to re-record “Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)”

Duo also releases new song "Taste the Heat"

Irish twin duo Jedward have announced their intention to re-record their 2010 hit single “Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)” after their former label deleted the song off streaming platforms and YouTube.

Calling out Simon Cowell and Sony on Twitter

Jedward voiced their dismay over the decision on their official Twitter, making sure to tag both Simon Cowell and Sony Music UK.

In a statement to The Sun, they revealed that they’re planning on re-recording it featuring vocals from either Vanilla Ice (who appeared on the original) or Niall Horan of One Direction fame.

“Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)” reached #1 in Ireland and peaked at #2 in the UK, making it the duo’s first hit straight out of X-Factor.

Taste the Heat

Earlier this month, Jedward released the music video for their latest single “Taste the Heat”. It’s an uptempo pop song with the music video set in a colorful diner.

Hopefully the new music release won’t get in the way of their re-recording plans!

Jedward at the Eurovision Song Contest

Jedward represented Ireland two years in a row, a rather rare feat. Their 2011 entry “Lipstick” finished in 8th place. The song became a decent hit in Europe. The following year they returned with “Waterline” which failed to repeat the success of their first entry.

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