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🇸🇪 Carola and Zara Larsson perform ‘Säg Mig Var Du Står’

With movies, shows, concerts, and leaving the house in general all cancelled, it has been difficult to keep ourselves entertained lately. Thankfully, artists are doing their best to keep everyone’s spirits up high! Some have locked their loved ones in a closet and turned their own living room into an arena, while others (like Zara Larsson) have taken over empty amusement parks to entertain viewers through their screens with various surprises. Like with a duet between her and Carola!

Originally called ‘Why Tell Me, Why‘ when performed by Anita Meyer, this hit song reached a whole new audience when Carola covered it for her debut album, changing the title to an appropriately Swedish sounding ‘Säg Mig Var Du Står‘. Now, the song is back in the spotlight thanks to Carola and Zara Larsson uniting forces as part of TV4’s ‘Late Night Concert‘ to prove they are the greatest attraction in the middle of an amusement park. I know nobody is allowed on the rides right now besides some confused birds, but I might actually get over my fear of roller coasters if I got to hear their voices echoing in the background. Check out the performance for yourselves:

The invincible Carola

Carola’s Eurovision journey started way back in 1983, when she finished third in the contest with ‘Främling‘. There were two more spots above her to conquer, however, and she did exactly that in 1991 by storming to victory with ‘Fångad av en stormvind‘. Winning was just step two. Step three was proving she was invincible by taking on the mother of all wind machines trying to blow her off the stage in 2006. A victory wasn’t in the cards this time, but she still reached a respectable fifth place. You can relive her glorious comeback down below:

What do you think about this duet from Carola and Zara Larsson? Is this version of ‘Säg Mig Var Du Står’ even better than the original? Do you think Carola hires someone to walk around with a wind machine behind her all day long?

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