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🇵🇱 Szansa na Sukces winner will perform at Opole 2021 if Junior Eurovision is cancelled

Will the contest actually go ahead?

Polish broadcaster TVP has revealed during the presentation of the channel’s new autumn content that the winner of this year’s Szansa na Sukces – Eurowizja Junior will be given the right to perform at the Opole Festival in 2021, if the Junior Eurovision Song Contest were to be cancelled.

The broadcaster also revealed the themes for the show’s heats, which will each feature a panel of three jurors including past Eurovision stars Edyta Górniak and Cleo. TVP first used the ‘Szansa na Sukces’ format to select their Junior Eurovision act last year.

An inter-generational worldwide fairytale!

Just like this year’s adult version of Szansa na Sukces (which was used to select Poland’s act for Eurovision 2020), each show will be based around a theme. All the songs performed by the hopefuls in the show will be based around that theme:

  • Heat One (6 September) – Inter-generational Hits
  • Heat Two (13 September) – World Hits That You Listened To
  • Heat Three (20 September) – Songs From Fairytales

A total of twenty-one singers will compete for the right to represent Poland at this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Artur Orzech will host all three heats and the final.

Just in case: the back-up plan

During the gala event, the broadcaster announced that the winning artist would, of course, represent Poland in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Warsaw. However, they also revealed that, “in the event of a cancellation [of Junior Eurovision]”, then the winner would get the right to perform at Opole Festival in 2021.

The annual music festival, which is held in Opole, is the biggest musical event in Poland and features several days of concerts by both young and older artists. The dates for the 2021 event have not yet been revealed, however, the 2020 event will be held between 4 September and 7 September.

Portuguese broadcaster RTP has also cast doubt over whether the contest will take part, announcing that they would participate “if it happens”. At this stage, the EBU has given no indication that the contest would not go ahead, as usual.

Poland in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Making their Junior Eurovision debut in 2003, Poland had a shaky start coming last in both 2003 and 2004. After failing to move from the bottom spot on the leaderboard, Poland withdrew from the contest and didn’t return until 2016. After a 12-year break, Poland managed to finish 11th place which was followed up by a top ten finish in 2017.

Then, fate changed for Poland as Roksana Węgiel stormed to victory with her song ‘Anyone I Want To Be’ in 2018. Poland managed to repeat this feat on home soil in 2019 with Viki Gabor’s ‘Superhero’.

Do you have doubts over whether Junior Eurovision will be held this year? What do you think about the themes for Szansa na Sukces?

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