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πŸ‡²πŸ‡¨ Monaco will not return to Eurovision in 2021

The news may not come as a surprise to Eurovision fans, but it has now been confirmed that Monaco will not be returning to the contest next year.

Still no return

Monaco’s broadcaster, TMC, has ruled out a return in 2021. The last time they took part was in 2006 and they have not participated since. Along with Monaco, other countries such as Andorra, Luxembourg and Slovakia are also not returning.

Monaco in the Eurovision Song Contest

Monaco made their Eurovision debut in 1959, finishing in last place. They have won once, in 1971 with Séverine’s “Un banc, un arbre, une rue”. In addition, they achieved a number of second and third places before withdrawing after the 1979 contest. Monaco eventually returned in 2004 up until 2006. However, on all three occasions they failed to qualify to the final.

Their last participant to date was Séverine Ferrer with the song “La Coco-Dance”, which finished 21st in the semi finals. TMC later withdrew following the result saying that the voting patterns in the contest give Monaco “no chance” of qualifying to the final.

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