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🇳🇱 Eurovision logo will be updated for the 2021 Contest

Executive Producer Sietse Bakker has revealed that the popular Eurovision 2020 logo will be getting an update for Eurovision 2021. He confirmed that it will change based on the amount of countries who end up taking part in the contest.

Sietse Bakker gave an interview after the press conference that announced the four scenarios planned to ensure Eurovision 2021 goes ahead. In this he answered some questions about the plans to update and revamp the logo.

Currently, the Eurovision 2020 logo is very meticulously designed. It shows a circle cut in half by blocks of colour, and each slice of colour represents the flag of a participating country. Not only that, but the colours are arranged by the year that that country started participating. For 64 years of participation, as close as is possible, it resembles the face of a clock, with those that debuted in the first contest, like France and Netherlands, at ’12 o’clock’, and goes clockwise all the way around to the red, white and blue that represents Australia, the most recent country to join the contest, at ’11 o’clock’.

Eurovision 2021 Logo

So what will the Eurovision 2021 logo look like, and how will it differ from the Eurovision 2020 logo?

Should anything change in the countries that take part, we will have to take out or maybe even add a few colours

Executive Producer Sietse Bakker, speaking to Wiwibloggs

In the event of any changes to the numbers of participants, the logo will be updated. However, there is no confirmation yet on any changes out of the countries confirmed for 2020.

Even if the same countries confirm, there is a push to ensure that the logo looks distinct from its 2020 version. The artwork has been around for a year and the team are looking for ways to make the same core concept look fresh and exciting. See the full interview here.

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