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πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Unity will represent The Netherlands at Junior Eurovision 2020

On 26 September, the Dutch national selection for the upcoming Junior Eurovision took place. No surprise, it was a coronaproof edition. The competition took place in Ahoy Rotterdam. Girl band Unity managed to win!

Junior Songfestival 2020

Tradition wise, The Netherlands chose its Junior Eurovision-candidate with the yearly national selection “Junior Songfestival”. The country uses this method since their debut in 2003.

Yearly theme song for Junior Songfestival

Changes in the competition due to COVID-19

Earlier that day, The Netherlands sent some sad news into the world. Two participants received positive COVID-19 tests, which meant the end of the competition for them. UNITY-member Demi and solo act Robin were the unlucky ones. Robin couldn’t participate anymore, so the competition lost one candidate act. Demi would still be able to join her girl group if they manage to win the national selection. And so they did, with the song “Best Friends”.

UNITY (NLD) – Best Friends Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Junior Eurovision Song Contest to take place on 29 November

Unity receives the ticket to represent The Netherlands during Junior Eurovision 2020. Poland hosts the competition, but because of the corona virus, the competition will look slightly different. The girls won’t be flying to Warsaw, but stay home in The Netherlands. They are going to perform their song “Best Friend” in a TV studio, just like all the other candidates around Europe. Enjoy the song here!

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