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🇸🇪 Måns Zelmerlöw to star in a Christmas show with Per Andersson

Eurovision 2015 winner and Melodifestivalen veteran Måns Zelmerlöw has announced that he will be participating in a Christmas show alongside Swedish comedian Per Andersson.

Tomten och Bocken – En slags Julshow‘ (Santa and the Goat – A kind of Christmas show), will see the duo offer music, humor and spontaneous antics that are guaranteed to get the visitor in the right mood and Christmas mood.

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Biljetterna släpps idag klockan 10.00! En satsning med många fallgropar där vi ändå väljer att ”våga” visa handlingskraft och förhoppningsvis gå i bräschen och säkerställa sysselsättning och generera kulturarbetstillfällen. Dessutom ett tillfälle för en svältfödd publik att uppleva underhållning live igen, i en covid-19-säkrad miljö (vi följer FHMs rekommendationer). Vi är så många som arbetar med hjärtat i halsgropen med risk för att vi åter igen ska falla på målsnöret pga bristande gehör från beslutsfattare. Men …Förhoppningsvis inspirerar/påverkar vi istället alla intressenter att fortsätta verka för fler ”säkra öppningar” och på så sätt gagna den kommersiella / privatägda kulturens överlevnad och säkra tiotusentals kulturarbetstillfällen. Nu kör vi! Välkomna till #tomtenochbocken !

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The first time the duo will be doing a Christmas show

This will not be the first time that the duo has shared the stage together. In 2011 Per participated in Allsång at Skansen, when Måns was the host. Earlier this year the duo appeared in Så ska det låta (hosted by Sarah Dawn Finer), where they both performed a rendition of Tommy Körberg’s Stad i ljus, which placed 12th at Eurovision in Dublin at 1988.

Upon the announcement of the Christmas show, the duo talked about the good response they had earlier this year and how this became the groundwork for them to work together:

“ Some of my best moments on TV have been with Per and I have always wanted to come up with something more on stage with him. When we did ‘Så ska det låta’ this spring, we got such a good response that we started thinking about what it could be. It was Santa and the Goat – hopefully the first of several performances together. “

Måns on how he ended up working with Per Andersson (translated)

“Ever since Måns and I did ‘Så ska det låta for the first time, people have asked: shouldn’t you do something together? I want to see something with you two! And we’ve talked about getting it done and now that there’s time and the craving for games is at its greatest, it’s finally time! When I broke into Måns wedding last year, I think he understood that I desperately want to come up with something …

Per Andersson on how he ended up working with Måns (translated)

The show will be directed, by none other than Edward af Sillén, who has worked on numerous edition of Melodifestivalen, and the Eurovision Song Contest.

The shows are set to run from November 13, until December 12. If you are interested in watching the show, you can do so by clicking here. Hurry, as there are only limited tickets per show!

Måns Zelmerlöw at the Eurovision Song Contest

Before co-hosting the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest and becoming a household name in the UK co-hosting Eurovision: You Decide, Måns Zelmerlöw started out on the reality TV circuit. Winning the first Let’s Dance as well finishing 5th in Swedish Idol 2005. This laid the groundwork to enter Melodifestivalen and become a favourite of the Eurovision fandom.

Previous attempts to win Eurovision selection resulted in 3rd place in 2007 with ‘Cara Mia’ and 4th place in 2009 with ‘Hope and Glory’. In the following years Måns returned as a host in 2010 and a songwriter in 2013. Eventually the persistence paid off and it was the grand return in 2015 that rewarded Måns with Eurovision selection. During Melodifestivalen 2015 Måns stormed to a landslide victory with his electro banger ‘Heroes’. Which was followed up by Eurovision victory in Vienna. Thus it became Sweden’s 6th win in the contest. Just one behind the most successful nation, Ireland.

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