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🇦🇿 Eldar Gasimov releases ‘Catch If You Fall’

Eldar Gasimov, one half of Eurovision 2011’s winning team Eldar and Nikki, has released ‘Catch If You Fall’. He has also revealed, speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, that it was one of three songs shortlisted to be Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2020 song. Azerbaijan eventually chose ‘Cleopatra’, sung by Efendi.

Eldar’s newest track is ‘Catch If You Fall’ is a lush ballad, that at times becomes midtempo. It’s a pop track with a slight Azeri sound to it. Eldar has made sure to put the focus on it being radio friendly and emotionally longing, though

Listen below:

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Shortlisted for Eurovision 2020

Speaking to wiwibloggs in an exclusive interview (click for further details), Eldar revealed that this song, written by him and two other Azeri composers, was shortlisted for Azerbaijan’s 2020 entry, but was rejected late in the process:

When Efendi was announced as the chosen vocalist, the track was later rejected. And I totally understand why — firstly, it is not suited to her style of music, and secondly, this track was written from the perspective of a male vocalist.

Elnar Gasimov, speaking to wiwibloggs

Obviously, he has now released the track himself, apparently it suits him best after all.

It is hard to say how well an entry like this would have done in the Eurovision competition nine years on from ‘Running Scared’, if the performer had been charismatic enough, it might have worked. As Eldar said, it didn’t seem to fit Efendi, the chosen 2020 artist. Efendi is currently the confirmed Azeri artist for 2021.

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