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🇲🇪 Pop artists and performers of Montenegro call for a Eurovision return

The Balkan nation last participated in 2019

After failing to qualify for a fourth year in a row in 2019, Montenegrin broadcaster RTCG announced their withdrawal from Eurovision 2020.

With the comments of a council member now suggesting the decision will remain the same for 2021, Montenegrin artists are calling for a return to the contest.

‘We will not be embarrassed at Eurovision 2021’

In a comment posted on her Facebook profile, council member Bojana Jokić remarked: “Let me make you happy before the media, we will not be embarrassed at Eurovision 2021 either”. This led the ‘Association of Pop Artists and Performers of Montenegro’ to react, stating:

“Musicians who have spread the fame of their country by winning awards at numerous festivals, who have produced performers and composers who have created works recognisable in the region and beyond. If we talk about Eurovision, we have never been embarrassed, because as one small country we have been in the finals twice in the last ten years and we have never been last”.

Association of Pop Artists and Performers Montenegro

A noteworthy track record

They also listed the numerous notable performances and phenomenal results at Eurovision Montenegro has contributed to the contest over the years. These included Daniel Popović’s ‘Džuli’ which came 4th for Yugoslavia in 1983 while Vlado and Izolda gave an interesting performance in 1984. No Name with ‘Zauvjek Moja’ came seventh for Serbia & Montenegro in 2005. Of course, the two qualifications in 2014 and 2015 for an independent Montenegro were also mentioned. Certainly nothing embarrassing there!

Eurovision fans will certainly be holding out hope for a Montenegrin return for Eurovision 2021. RTCG however, have yet to comment on the matter. Fingers crossed!

Montenegro’s Eurovision history

Upon gaining independence in 2006, Montenegro applied to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007. Debut entrant Stevan Faddy failed to qualify from the mammoth 28 country semi final. Two further attempts in the late 2000s yielded the same result. Upon returning in 2012, Montenegro found greater fortune, qualifying in succession in both 2014 and 2015. Their best result came in 2015, where Knez came 13th with his song ‘Adio’. Their latest entry came in 2019, where group D-Mol failed to qualify with their song ‘Heaven’.

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