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🇷🇺 JESC countdown: how are things going with Tolmachevy Twins?

Earlier in this countdown series we talked about Ksenia Sitnik. Now it’s time to take a look at Tolmachevy Twins, the JESC 2006 winners from Russia!

Bucharest 2006: throwback

Overall, 15 countries took part in the JESC 2006. Ukraine, Portugal and Serbia, which had become an independent country, made their debut at the contest. Denmark, Latvia, Norway and the United Kingdom did not participate.

As with the previous year, the interval was provided by the Junior Eurovision 2005 winner Ksenia Sitnik from Belarus.

The Tolmachevy Twins (Anastasia Tolmacheva and Maria Tolmacheva) from Russia won the 2006 contest with the song “Весенний джаз” (Vesenniy Jazz / Spring Jazz).

Life after the Junior Eurovision

Right after the JESC the girls became really famous. They got a lot of invitations to various TV-shows and concerts, music contests such as Slavyansky Bazaar. They also released their album “Половинки” (Polovinki / Halves).

A year later Anastasia and Maria were invited to take part in a musical “The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors”. A famous Russian singer Alla Pugachyova (Eurovision 1997) was among the cast as well. She claimed the sisters would have a bright future if they choose the career of singers.

Level up: Eurovision

In 2014 Tolmachevy Twins were internally selected to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest. That year sisters performed their song “Shine”, were qualified to the Grand Final and came 7th.

What are Anastasia and Maria up to now?

After taking part in the Eurovision 2014, the sisters finished school in their native town Kursk and refused to move to Moscow. Instead, they started their studies at Belgorod State Art and Culture Institute to become producers. Moreover, the twins released one more album and took part in various TV-shows as jury.

Along with their university studies Anastasia and Maria founded a vocal studio for children in Kursk. Their young students work hard and take part in different talent shows.

Both sisters are already engaged and getting ready for their weddings! They also post a lot of updates on their Instagram pages. You can follow the twins and stay tuned.

Maria’s account is public so you can follow the link: https://www.instagram.com/mashatolmacheva16/

Anastasia closed her account but you can still send a request following the link: https://www.instagram.com/anastasiyatolmacheva16/

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