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🇭🇷 Dora rule changes announced for 2021

The number of entries has changed to accommodate health measures

It made it’s long awaited return in 2019, and earlier this month it was confirmed Dora will be returning to select the 2021 Croatian entry.

However, the 2021 edition will come with some rule changes compared to previous editions. These rules were outlined in the rules published for the contest by Croatian broadcaster HRT.

Effects of the virus

Like most entertainment programming, the proposed format of Dora has been shaped by the current health crisis. Unlike the past two editions of the contest, 14 songs will compete and not the previous number of 16. The number of performers permitted on stage has also been changed, with five allowed on stage. This is one less permitted than last year.

In line with the EBU

HRT has also announced that pre-recorded backing vocals will be allowed for the 2021 edition of Dora. This is reflecting a decision by the EBU to permit the same for the first time in 2021, and as such HRT decided to make it ‘an obligation’.

Another rule change is that artists are now permitted to perform in any European language they choose. Previously, they were limited to Croatian, English, Italian, French or German. Potential entrants must be citizens of Croatia and at least 16 years old.

Will Damir Kedžo enter?

Winner of Dora 2020, Damir Kedžo, was supposed to represent Croatia at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with his song ‘Divlji vjetre’. After the cancellation, HRT did not internally select him for Eurovision 2021. He has however teased his intention to enter Dora 2021. We will just have to wait and see which way this ‘wild wind’ blows!

Croatia’s Eurovision history

The Balkan nation made it’s debut at the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest, along with three other Ex-Yugoslav nations. It is worth noting however, that the Yugoslav winners Riva hailed from Croatia. In the 1990s, Croatia was the most successful of the former Yugoslav nations, managing a high of 4th place in both 1996 and 1999.

Croatia entered every contest in the 2000s, their highest score being 115 points in 2005 thanks to Boris Noković and his song ‘Vukovi umiru sami’. The country withdrew from the contest after 2013, citing financial issues and bad results as they had not qualified since the 2009 contest. Since their return in 2016, the best result came in 2017 where Jacques Houdek placed 13th with his song ‘My Friend’.

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