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๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ Meet Sofia Feskova and vote for RUSSIA in Junior Eurovision 2020 now!

After a year like no other, ESCXTRA can’t be in the Polish capital city of Warsaw to bring you live coverage of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Nevertheless, we bring you the next best thing… an overview of each of the twelve participating entries and all the details you need to cast your online votes right now!

Meet Sofia Feskova

Sofia is a 11-year-old singer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She’s no stranger to various muic contests such as The Voice Kids Russia, New Wave Junior, etc. This is the second time lucky for Sofia to become a Russian representative at the Junior Eurovision. Previously, she took part in the national selection in 2019 but didn’t win.

In an interview with junioreurovision.tv, Sofia shared that participation in different contests taught her to practice many times before the actual performance. This can help her to perform confidently and enjoy taking the stage. Sofia also has a dream to one day sing on the same stage as her favourite singer Polina Gagarina, who came second at the Eurovision 2015.

The most favourite lyric for Sofia in her song is: “The whole world feels like home; there Iโ€™ll stay, Itโ€™s my new day.” She believes, this line is a call and reminder from a child for every adult: never be embarrassed to believe in miracles, create your own โ€˜fairy tale,โ€™ and then your every โ€œnew day will be great!”

Sofia is going to perform her song โ€˜My New Dayโ€™. It was written by Sofia, along with Anna Petryasheva and Vitaly Tomin. The official music video has been released on October 26.

Russia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

As ESCXTRA team member Riccardo summarised in his 2018 feature article Russiaโ€™s Junior Eurovision Journey so far, despite the underwhelming start, Russiaโ€™s fortunes turned around quickly at the contest and the country never missed out on a single top 10 finish.

In fact, victory came in 2006 with the Tolmachevy Twins who won with their entry โ€œVessenniy Jazzโ€. Of course, we all know them for later representing Russia at Eurovision in 2014 where they finished 7th. The second victory came last year in Tbilisi with Polina Bogusevich and her song โ€œWingsโ€œ. She won just 3 points ahead of runner-up Georgia.

Besides their victories, Russia also finished second twice in 2009 with Katya Ryabova and in 2010 with Sasha Lazin and Liza Drozd. They also enjoyed multiple top 5 finishes throughout the years.

In 2019 Tatyana Mezhentseva and Denberel Oorzhak won the national selection final and represented Russia with the song โ€˜A Time For Usโ€™, which placed 13th.

Vote for Russia now!

Votes can be cast via vote.junioreurovision.tv NOW! Viewers from all over the world can vote for three countries.

The first round of voting is open right now and will close at 4.59pm CET on Sunday 29th November, just before the beginning of the live broadcast. Then, voting will reopen during the show for fifteen minutes following the final performance so that any final votes can be cast.

Russia ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ - Sofia Feskova - My New Day - Official Music VideoRussia ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ – Sofia Feskova – My New Day – Official Music Video

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