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RESULTS: The Warm-Up Round for Junior Eurovision 2020

Last week, 80 users took part in the warm-up round of Eurovision Prediction 2021! This time, it was your task to predict who you thought would win the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Warsaw, Poland.

Before we reveal the results, I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that this is a Warm-Up round. Therefore, the results will not count towards your final tally at the end of the season.

Calculating your points!

As we revealed prior to the Junior Eurovision Final, the most popular answer amongst our players in this round by far was Soleá. Unfortunately for the 37.5% of you who picked her… and she managed to place 3rd in the competition. Eventual winner Valentina from France was the second most popular answer, with 18 of you selecting correctly and still in contention for a 100% correct record (if this were to count towards your final tally).

As stated in the rules, when full rankings of the participating entries are revealed during the live broadcast, we use the full extent of our scoring system. Therefore, predicting the winning entry earns you 12 points as there were 12 finalists. Predicting the runner-up earns you 11 points and so on. Unfortunately, if you chose an artist that failed to qualify from the semi-finals, then it is nil points for you this time.

Here is the scoreboard!

So what does this mean for the scoreboard? Well, with the majority of our players opting for the incorrect answer, we have 18 out of 80 players tied for the top spot on this Warm-Up Round.

See where you stand and have a look at the scoreboard by clicking the link below.

If you are using a mobile device, the spreadsheet below may not render properly.
Therefore, please use this direct link to the Google Spreadsheet!

Stay tuned for Round 1!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Warm-Up round. We hope you have enjoyed this Warm-Up round for Eurovision Prediction! Stay tuned for the official start of the 2021 season of Eurovision Prediction, which we expect to take place next month as Albania is due to select their artist on December 26

If you missed this round but still want to participate, there is still plenty of time to take part, and all to play for! You can learn more about Eurovision Prediction below:




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