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🇳🇱 “Door De Wind” hits #29 in Dutch all-time Top 2000 chart

A pleasant surprise for Eurovision fans in the Netherlands: 31 years after its Eurovision debut, “Door De Wind” has become a massive hit in the country. The Belgian entry was covered by Miss Montreal with great success. On the annual all-time Top 2000, the new version hit a stellar #29.

What is the Top 2000?

The annual Top 2000 may require some explanation. In 1999, Dutch radio station NPO Radio 2 kicked off their idea. Dutch people would get the chance to vote for their all-time favourite songs to compose an all-time top 2000 of the nation’s favourite songs ever.

Voting is always possible in the first week of December, with over a million votes determining who makes the cut and who doesn’t. Traditionally, the battle for the top spot is between two songs. The aforementioned “Bohemian Rhapsody” usually tops the list, but “Hotel California” by the Eagles isn’t far behind. This year however, they were both pipped to the post by Danny Vera’s “Roller Coaster”.

Miss Montreal’s “Door De Wind”

The success story of Miss Montreal’s “Door De Wind” is an interesting one. The 36-year old participated in this year’s De Beste Zangers, in which famous singers cover each other’s hits. During the episode in which Stef Bos was the main guest, Miss Montreal chose his 1989 song “Door De Wind”. Back then, he wrote the song for his (now ex-)girlfriend Ingeborg, who sang it at the Eurovision Song Contest 1989 – with Stef Bos on backing vocals. Bos is a veteran in the Dutch music scene, famous for songs like “Papa” and “Ik Heb Je Lief”.

As a result of Miss Montreal’s cover, her version gathered almost six million views on YouTube, reaching a high of #3 in the charts. The song’s popularity has continued to grow, with the song now also reaching #29 in the all-time Top 2000. Furthermore, the first 28 songs are all sung by men. Therefore, “Door De Wind” is the highest entry sung by a woman. An unexpected resurgence for Belgium’s 1989 Eurovision entry, as it only finished in nineteenth place in Lausanne with a mere 13 points.

Soon, we will post a full update on all the Eurovision related entries in the Top 2000. You can see last year’s update here. Can you guess what the highest original Eurovision entry is? Let us know what you think… Also make sure to tell us what you think about Miss Montreal’s “Door De Wind”, which you can do below or on social media!

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