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πŸ‡³πŸ‡± 3,000 rooms reserved for Eurovision 2021

As we get closer to finding out which scenario will be selected for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. The preparations continue on. It was revealed that 3,000 rooms have been reserved for this year’s contest.

The hotel rooms are reserved for the delegations to use during their stay in Rotterdam. It’s also been revealed that if an audience will be allowed in Rotterdam Ahoy, more rooms can be added.

Rooms reserved after it was revealed that Rotterdam will host the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest

The chairman of the Rotterdam Hotel Combinatie (RHC), Roel Dusseldorp has revealed that the rooms were reserved after it was revealed that Rotterdam will host the contest.

On that basis, we keep the same number of rooms available for the participants of the Eurovision Song Contest, journalists, and the organization itself. In principle, each delegation will simply stay in the hotel that was booked last year. If it is possible to admit the public to Ahoy around that time, we can of course add rooms to that.

Roel Dusseldorp also mentioned that having that the reservations have kept hoteliers up, despite the COVID-19 pandemic:

The Eurovision Song Contest could just be the start of the return to our normal life. Then it would be a great pleasure if this could be a success in May.

Eurovision Song Contest 2021

During Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light on May 2020, it was revealed that Rotterdam will host the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. The Final for the 2021 contest will take place on May 22, with the Semi-Finals taking place in May 18 and 20.

Since then, it was revealed that 41 countries will participate, with the same Semi-Final allocation in 2020 to be used. In addition, the organizers have revealed that four scenarios are being planned to ensure continuity. In addition, each delegation required to submit a live-on-tape recording.

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