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🇬🇷🇨🇾Greek and Cypriot stars strut their stuff at the annual MAD TV catwalk show

Elena Tsagkrinou perfoms for the first time since Eurovision announcement

They strutted their stuff in the fiercest new looks Greece and Cyprus can serve on the runway and delivered even fiercer live performances at the same time. It can only mean one thing! It’s the annual MAD TV runway show!

Cyprus 2021 represent!

I think there is no better place to start than the current representative for Cyprus at Eurovision 2021, Elena Tsagkrinou. Giving her first television performance since being announced as the Cypriot representative.

She didn’t sing her entry “El Diablo” sadly. We’re just going to have to wait for that I’m afraid. But what she did perform was a fierce cover of La Bauche’s “Be My Lover”. Her performance was for Apostolos Mitropoulos. She is proving she is completely natural on stage, on top of an ancient Greek monument in a 3D effect Disco ball catsuit. Giving us just a hint of what she can do!

A full range of stars in a wide range of styles.

Eleni Foureira was there, as a Greek Goddess naturally. The “Fuego” singer and 2018 runner up flaunted her stuff in two outfits for Celia Kritharioti. The first is a bedazzled bikini with full crown, the second an iridescent long sequin dress with a long ponytail. Singing her song “Light It Up” with a brilliant segue into ABBA’s “Gimme Gimme Gimme”.

Ivi Adamou was also there for Vasilis Zoulias. She performed a cover of “I Sklava”. In contrast to her uptempo Eurovision hit “La La Love”, She was decked out in a stunning black gown with fascinator and veil in this sultry Jazz-Caberet number. She can really do it all!

Tamta was in full tailoring for Sortiris Georgiou. The “Replay” star was performing her song “Hold On” with massive pleated pigtails that connected her to her backing dancers! Making for some stunning visuals, just as the 2019 star was celebrating her 40th Birthday!

Demy was there debuting her new song “Sta Kokkina” with FY. The “This Is Love” singer pounded the runway in a red and silver Celia Kritharioti minidress and red boots.

What did you think about the performance and the fashions?! Did Elena Tsagkrinou impress you with her performance skills and left you wanting more? Please comment below or get in touch with us @escxtra on all social media platforms and then subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Spotify for curated playlists.

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